Secure Courier Service

Secure Courier Service

The DPS Secure Courier Service is a low profile delivery and collection service.

Useful for clients who need to move valuable goods, the service ensures you’re your items are as safe as possible. The DPS Courier travels in a low profile vehicle and can carry out anti-surveillance drills to ensure that he was not being followed or set up.

Each DPS vehicle is fitted with a tracker. In addition, DPS can arrange for a tracker to be fitted to the valuable goods themselves. Part of our service in managed around strict timelines and specific booking in and out procedures. In conjunction, all of these procedures help improve the security of both the consignment and the operator.

The DPS Secure Courier Service is open to anyone, with a discounted rate for members who enrol on our ‘Special Services Register’.

If required, the DPS Courier can take goods overseas. This service is used by some of the U.K’s leading Diamond Dealers who find it very effective, as the traditional transportation methods are over priced and in some instances not as reliable. (On average Group 4 suffer an attack on a goods truck every week)

A security solution for
discerning customers who
want instant responsive
protection from an
unobtrusive provider